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The Uniqueness of Now: Keeping an Ocean Journal

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Sometimes things just come full circle. When I was living across the street from the beach, I spent a month getting up every morning and filming the ocean for about 30 seconds. I eventually edited all the clips into one video, which I recently found on an old hard drive. (This was before iPhones. I made this with a little HP digital camera and the quality at the time was not great.) I think it is perfect to share here, since I seem to have come back to this place creatively, examining each moment and tracking the passage of time to appreciate the uniqueness of each day.

The thing that fascinated me about this experience was that the break of each wave, each cloud formation or pattern on the sand, had never been exactly that way before, and would never be that way again. I was witnessing a totally unique occurrence and often mine were the only human eyes to see it. Capturing these instances became especially important to me -

"Making this commitment to walk the path from my house to the wet sand every morning was never disappointing. I would rush to get over the dune, afraid I might miss something nature was putting on display, something that might disappear without anyone ever seeing it...

We think we are looking at the same things every day, but we aren't. Every single thing is changing minute to minute, and everything is different each time we look at it."

Right now, during the confinement of the pandemic, things can seem monotonous. But this is also an opportunity to see things differently, to observe the passing of time and how things change moment to moment. In this way, we are able to convert boredom to curiosity, helping us open to the richness of life's smallest details and savor each instant for what it has to offer. Watching this video is good practice, because I admit you can be instantly bored... OR you can really start watching the color of the sky, the break of the waves, etc. See how far you get. Enjoy!

- M.

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