I don't really know how this blog will evolve, but right now it is just my musings, such as they may be, on waking up each day to find some meaning or occasional poetry in moments that we would otherwise consider insignificant - because it is how we view the most common occurrences in our day that determines the flavor of the life we live. 


I have spent most of my life focused on painting, not writing. So please accept my shortcomings in this medium. I also apologize in advance to my father, if I end up engaging in what he calls "nickel philosophy," as these pages may also contain bits of self-indulgent Gen X nostalgia born of the disillusionment of midlife, menopause, and run-of-the-mill 21st century anxiety. My only real intention is to catch a glint of light reflected on the surface of the mundane. 

Marlowe Emerson